Saturday, January 9, 2016

Letter of Recommendation: Chris Park, Nam Incheon SLP

Chris Park
Director of Education
Sogang Language Program
Nam Incheon Academy
Incheon, South Korea

Dear Sir or Mada:

This is a letter of reference for Christina Dunigan, who worked as an ESL teacher at our school for a total of 23 months, between April 2003 and September of 2005.

Ms. Dunigan has proved to be a dedicated and very effective English teacher. She taught children between the ages of 4 and 14 on a full-time basis. Her duties included lesson planning, educational material development, assessment, and assisting in training new teachers, in addition to teaching. Ms. Dunigan has been a reliable and valuable member of our team.

Some of her specific accomplishment included:

  • creating numerous educational materials (worksheets, flash cards, etc.)
  • conducting an annual Halloween "haunted house"
  • helping students with speech tournaments
  • organizing shared teaching materials

Ms. Dunigan's enthusiasm and sense of humor made her class enjoyable, while her creativity and skill helped her students to make substantial progress in learning English. She volunteered to work overtime, teaching supplemental classes. She was always eager to help other teachers with ideas for activities and lessons.

Ms. Dunigan established a strong rapport with her students. The children love to interact with her both in and out of the classroom. She always made the effort not only to make learning fun for them, but also to give the students a rich cultural experience.

If you have any questions about Ms. Dunigan, please contact me here at the school.


Chris Park
Director of Education
SLP - Nam Incheon

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