Saturday, January 9, 2016

Letter of Recommendation: Jinsik Lee, Seokrim Middle School

Jinshik, Lee
Seosan Seokrim Middle School
Seokrim Dong
Seosan, Chungnam, Korea
February 10, 2015


I highly recommend Christina as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant or science teacher. I have worked as co-worker at Seokrim Middle School in Soesan. When she taught our students, I felt her devotion and passion to understand English and America culture.

She prepared the P.P.T. files for every lecture. If some students can't understand her lecture, she tries to make them understand. For example she taught food around the world in our textbook, she showed her gesture and onomatopoetic words. The students could imagine how to make the foods and how they taste.

Especially after she had taught the second grade students during winter vacation they said she was not only intelligent and friendly but had a strong sense of responsibility because she taught science to students and made them participate eagerly in all of experiments. She contributed new ideas to our students to speak English more fluently and understand America culture.

Working with Christina was a great joy as well as useful in many ways.


Jinsik, Lee

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