Saturday, January 9, 2016

Letter of Recommendation: ICAL

To Whom It May Concern:

Christina E. Dunigan completed the ICAL TEFL/TESOL Certificate in September 2013. This certification course is 120 hours. The work involved all aspects of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language including needs analysis, syllabus design, lesson planning, classroom management, strategies in language learning, teaching methods, testing & error correction etc.

I worked with Christina as her personal tutor and during her time with ICAL I was able to make a good assessment of her capabilities and progress through her work on the assignments.

Christina  came to this course already with some years' teaching experience and was working in Korea while studying for her ICAL Certificate. Her enthusiasm for teaching and genuine concern for her students were apparent throughout. In addition to doing coursework and assignments, she sometimes contacted me to discuss her own work situation. I was very impressed by the determination with which she dealt with initial problems in her current job, and the creativity she showed in devising  materials and activities to engage young learners who were initially poorly motivated and difficult to involve in classes.

Christina sets herself high standards and obviously put a considerable amount of time and care to her assignments. She approached the course with an open mind and showed herself eager to learn about new ideas and incorporate them into her teaching. She designed some beautiful visual materials and demonstrated a good understanding of all aspects of the course. Her lesson planning showed that she has a good awareness of student needs and interests, and is a good classroom manager. Christina also responded well to tutor feedback and always acted on the suggestions made.

On the bases of the quality of her work and my discussions with her, I feel she is an able and highly motivated teacher and that she would make a welcome addition to any school.

Jennie Hardacre

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