English Teacher, Seokrim Middle School
Seosan, South Korea, 2012-2015    

  • Team-taught English to 23 classes of 30 - 26 students
  • Adapted teaching style to suit preferences of 6 partner teachers
  • Engaged low-skill and unmotivated students with games and activities
  • Self-taught MS PowerPoint
  • Transferred Quark XPress skills to MS Publisher

English Teacher, SLP Franchise Academy
Incheon and Bupyong, South Korea, 2003-2008    
    • Taught English as a Second Language to Korean children, preschool through middle school
    • Followed a variety of curricula, improvising or developing alternatives as needed
    • Doubled to tripled vocabulary mastery through innovative activities and games
    • Provided cultural experiences
    • Assisted with planning and execution of preschool graduation and semi-annual festivals

    Substitute Teacher/Teacher’s Aide, Department of Defense Educational Activities
    Augsburg, Germany 1985-1987
    • Short-term and long-term substitute assignments
    • Assisted in all aspects of classroom and activity planning and management
    • Supervision of one to three parent volunteers in classroom and on field trips

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