Saturday, January 9, 2016

Letter of Reference: Hyang Bohk "Iris" Choi, Seokrim Middle School

Name: Hyang Bohk Choi
Mailing address at school: Seokrim Mile School, 8 Dong Seo, 2nd Street, Seosan City, Chungnam Province, South Korea
Phone number at school: (82) 041-667-8126

Date: February 12, 2015

To Whom it May Concern:

I had the pleasure of working in three capacities with Ms. Christina Dunigan at Seosan Seokrim Middle School during the Korean 2014-2015 school year, which runs from March to February.

I was Ms. Dunigan's official liaison with government offices and with general issues related to life in Korea. s. Dunigan used y assistance courteously, promptly, and appropriately, and maintained excellent communication.

Ms. Dunigan was required to teach English camps during school breaks, and coordinated her classes with me. Her lessons were inventive and well-tailored to the needs and interests of these selected groups of students Her last winter camp was particularly successful. Because the students expressed an interest in science rather than English, Ms. Dunigan found exciting activities that she could do with them, including experiments in atmospheric pressure, fluid dynamics, and static electricity. The student were delighted, and on the last day they lingered long after class was over, not wanting the experience to come to an end.

My primary role with Ms. Dunigan was ans one of her four co-teachers. Ms. Dunigan adapted her classroom style and lesson content according to my personality and preferences, and we quickly established a very comfortable report and an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in the classroom.

Every week, Ms. Dunigan would face 23 different classes of between 23 and 37 students. The nearly 800 students she taught ranged from children who couldn't even count to ten to children whose English was fluent because they had lived for many years in English-speaking countries. In any given class, skill levels typically covered around 25% of that range. Ms. Dunigan devoted passion and persistence into developing games and group activities which were creative and engaging, and which allowed all students to participate fully to the best of their abilities.

I was very sorry when Ms. Dunigan told me that she would be returning to the United States. However, she has taken great care to prepare for the transition to the new teacher and I am certain that Seokrim Middle School will continue to benefit from her tenure here.


Choi Hyong Bohk

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